Giant 18ft, 100lb Burmese Python Caught Slithering Across Florida Highway

A near 18-foot, 100-pound Burmese python has been captured slithering across a highway in Florida.

© tomavaA stock photo shows a close up of a Burmese python. The species is invasive to Florida. The enormous snake was caught by three amateur hunters in Collier County and may be one of the biggest ever found in the state, Wink News reported.

Burmese pythons are an invasive species in Florida. They were first introduced to the environment in the 1970s—likely as exotic pets released into the wild. Ever since, they have been severely impacting the native ecosystem as they feast on native wildlife, such as white tailed deer, causing a major issue in preserving the wetlands.

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The species can grow to huge sizes. On average they reach 10 to 16 feet, however, some grow much larger.They also reproduce rapidly and the population in the state has boomed in recent years. For this reason, hunting the species is encouraged.

Particularly large, female snakes are highly sought after, as their capture prevents the species from breeding.

Jake Waleri, Joshua Laquis and Stephen Gauta had been hunting for Burmese pythons when they unexpectedly came across the huge snake.They had been driving along the US-41 near Monroe Station when they spotted it on the road.

“I look up, and I see something blocking the entire road. It takes me a second and I just see a head move, and I just start screaming,” Waleri told Wink News.

Waleri said that he and his companions did not expect to find anything as large. Read Also : Largest Burmese Python Caught in Florida is 18 Feet Long, Weighs a Whopping 97kg

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