Brave 2-year-old girl kills snake in revenge for biting her lip

You wouldn’t believe this if it were told to you by a friend or relative.

A two-year-old girl killed a snake all by herself in an act of revenge after the reptile sunk its fangs into her lip.

Little SE (identified only by her initials) was playing in the back garden of her home in the village of Kantar, Turkey when loud screams alerted her neighbours.

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When they reached the back garden, they were shocked to see the little girl had a snake in her mouth and a bite mark on her lower lip.

It wasn’t a rubber snake. It was a real out which she had killed in a matter of seconds.

She was immediately given first aid and then rushed to the Bingol Maternity and Children’s Hospital and put under observation for 24 hours, according to a UNILAD report.

Fortunately, she was not in danger.

“Our neighbours have told me that the snake was in the hand of my child, she was playing with it and then it bit her. Then she has bitten the snake back as a reaction,” her father, Mehmet Ercan, reacted.

In a similar case, an 8-year-old boy had to be rushed to the hospital after getting bitten by a venomous adder snake that caused his hand to swell up ‘five times the normal size’.

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