Administrative Full Forms List

Administrative Full Forms List – Administrative Full Forms are acronyms or abbreviations used to represent specific terms or phrases commonly used in administrative and organizational contexts. These abbreviations are often used to save time, space, and effort when referring to complex or lengthy terms. By using these full forms, individuals can quickly communicate and understand various administrative concepts and functions.

These administrative full forms can be found in different domains such as business, government, education, healthcare, and more. They are widely used in titles, job descriptions, reports, and official documents to provide concise and standardized references.

Having knowledge of administrative full forms is beneficial as it enables efficient communication, facilitates understanding, and promotes clarity in administrative processes and discussions. It allows professionals in the administrative field to communicate effectively, especially when discussing roles, responsibilities, and organizational structures.

Understanding these full forms is essential for individuals working in administrative roles or those seeking to navigate administrative environments. Familiarity with administrative full forms can enhance professionalism, streamline communication, and contribute to efficient administrative operations.

It is important to note that different industries and organizations may have specific full forms that are unique to their respective fields. Therefore, staying updated with the latest administrative full forms relevant to your industry is crucial for effective communication and collaboration.

Administrative Full Forms List

AcronymFull Form
ASPCAssam Public Service Commission
CACPCommission for Agricultural costs and prices
CBICentral Beuro of Investigation, Central Bank of India
CPWDCentral Public works Department
CTOChief Technology Officer
DSPDeputy superintendent of police
FRAForest Rights Acts
G2CGovernment to Citizen Services
IASIndian Administrative Service
IFSIndian Forest Service, Indian Foreign Service
IPSIndian Police Service
IRSIndian Revenue Service
POLICEPublic Officer for legal investigations and criminal emergencies
PWDPublic Works Department
RDORevenue division officer, rural development organization, remote data objects
SPSuperintendent of Police
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